2021-04-18: Pretty in pink.

2021-04-05: Happy times in the sun in Strathcona. 🍺

2021-04-05: Jimi.

2021-04-03: Nicely crafted. 🍺

2021-03-31: Zzz…

2021-03-27: Strathcona sakura.

2021-03-13: Perfect day for this. 🍺

2021-03-09: Hold my beer…

2021-03-06: Coffee and sun. ☕️ 🌞

2021-02-27: Yum.

2021-01-28: Cheers. 🍺

2021-01-19: Coffee time. ☕️

2021-01-18: ?…

2021-01-17: Not honey.

2021-01-16: Raincouver.

2021-01-03: Shit dawg.

2021-01-03: The good stuff at Cavo in Vancouver…

2020-12-26: Is it 2021 yet?

2020-11-18: Raincouver… happy land for ducks. 🦆

2020-11-03: Ok.

2020-11-03: Coffee and rain… Vancouver.

2020-10-25: I think he cuts his own hair.

2020-10-14: The good thing about wearing a mask is it will make it nicer for me to vote for the least stinky …

2020-10-07: Winnipeg is not a fish town…

2020-10-07: I drink coffee. ☕️

2020-09-18: The name sold me. 🍺

2020-09-15: I wasn’t planning on ordering a new Apple Watch today but with 2020… I’ll take the added …

2020-08-29: Coffee today sure went down easily…

2020-08-05: Back drinking coffee again this morning… yep, world is still on 🔥.

2020-08-02: Still alive… still drinking coffee… ☕️ ☀️ 💤

2020-07-21: Drinking coffee outside. Good.

2020-07-19: After a long tiring stressful week it was nice to see Chelsea advance to the FA Cup final today.

2020-07-13: I think Monday is not perhaps the best day of the week… insert fork into head.

2020-07-08: Named after a place in Gastown.

2020-07-07: Nice 3 points to match the new shirt. Good job Chelsea. ⚽️

2020-07-06: It didn’t work out well for the bug that decided to treat my coffee like a swimming pool.

2020-06-22: I’m having a better day than Intel.

2020-06-21: Good to see Chelsea back in action today. 3 points thank you very much. ⚽️

2020-06-20: I think my friend the crow likes french fries more than I do.

2020-06-17: Using the clippers on my hair while sitting in the park has been a bad idea more than once now. Too …

2020-06-14: Refreshingly different. Aftertaste is floral at first, then you get the lemonade like taste. …

2020-06-13: Two cups of decent coffee before noon. Not too shabby. ☕️

2020-06-09: Would love to see Tweetbot for Micro.blog.

2020-06-02: My ears and my mask 😷 are not getting along.

2020-05-31: Got to like free salmon candy. Thank you fish lady.

2020-05-31: I have decided to make this space my personal little corner of the Internet. My brain farts will …